0.56 Inch DC 2.5V-40.0V 2-wire Digital Voltmeter Head LED Digital Voltmeter


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  1. Refresh Speed : 300mS/time.
  2. LED Color: Red
  3. Accuracy: 0.1 V.
  4. Current Consumption: Less than 20mA, generally 5-15mA
  5. It is a 2-wire display.
  6. Voltage Measuring Range: 0 to 200 VDC

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18 in stock

The wiring of this voltmeter is simple, only two wires need to be connected, the red wire is connected to the positive, and the black wire is connected to the negative. There is reverse connection protection in the meter, and the reverse connection does not burn.

This voltmeter does not require an external working power supply, it can work directly with the measured voltage, and the working voltage range is as wide as 0-200VDC
In order to achieve the best measurement accuracy, the voltmeter will automatically move the position of the decimal point according to the difference of the measured voltage. decimal point.
This voltmeter can be used to monitor the battery voltage of motorcycles, automobiles, etc., and grasp the battery status in time. It can also be used for other voltage measurement purposes.


  1. Consider 1V voltage drop at voltmeter itself, as we observed it at our testing unit while testing this Voltmeter.
  2. Product Image may vary in terms of color Wire and PCB or PCB layout as per the version update from the manufacturer

Features :

  1.  This voltmeter has a wide range of 5-120V DC, suitable for 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 80V, 96V motorcycles, electric vehicles, battery cars, and other voltage measurement purposes.
  2. Equipped with two wirings, direct measurement, no auxiliary power supply. It can be easily connected to vehicles, battery cars, motorcycles, and other vehicle lines.
  3. With the reverse connection protection function, the line connection will not burn.
  4. The measuring precision of this voltmeter can be adjusted automatically. The resolution is 0.1V below 100V and 1V above 100V.
  5. The voltmeter is designed with ABS plastic frame, which can be conveniently installed in rectangular holes of 1.5-3 mm thickness.
  6. High precision. and Low operating voltage.
  7. With reverse protection, then anti-burn.
  8. Ultra-high pressure 132V does not burn.


  1. Voltage Measuring Range: 0 to 200 VDC
  2. It is a 2-wire display.
  3. LED Color: Red
  4. Current Consumption: Less than 20mA, generally 5-15mA
  5. Accuracy: 0.1 V.
  6. Refresh Speed : 300mS/time.
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