HC-SR-04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

  1. Frequency: 40 kHz
  2. Max. Sensing Range: 450 cm
  3. Sonar Sensing Range: 2-400 cm
  4. Operating Voltage: 5 V
  5. Affordable Price

73.00 129.00

This HC-SR04-Ultrasonic Range Finder is an extremely well known sensor that is found in numerous applications where it requires estimating distance and recognizing objects.

The module has two eyes like ventures in the front which frames the Ultrasonic transmitter and Receiver. The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor utilizes sonar to decide the distance to an item like bats or dolphins do.

This Ultrasonic Sensor module is a transmitter, a collector, and a control circuit in one single pack!! It has extremely convenient and smaller development. It offers great reach exactness and stable readings in a simple to-utilize bundle. Its activity isn’t impacted by daylight or dark material like Sharp rangefinders are (albeit acoustically delicate materials like fabric can be hard to identify).

The Trigger and the Echo pins are the I/O pins of this module and subsequently they can be associated with the I/O pins of the microcontroller/Arduino. At the point when the recipient recognizes the return wave the Echo pin goes high for a specific measure of time which will be equivalent to the time taken for the wave to get once again to the sensor.

Ultrasonic Ranging Module HC-SR04 gives 2cm-400cm non-contact distance detecting capacities, Ranging exactness up to 3mm.

This Ultrasonic Sensor can be joined to your venture utilizing a mounting section, so get it now at Etronichub.com we have an excellent quality Acrylic Mounting Bracket for this HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module.








Features :

  1. Measures the distance within a wide range of 2cm to 400cm
  2. Stable performance
  3. Accurate distance measurement
  4. High-density
  5. Small blind distance
SKU: ET-20 Category:
Model HC-SR04
Operating Voltage (VDC) 5
Average Current Consumption (mA) 2
Frequency(Hz) 40000
Sensing Angle 15°
Max. Sensing Distance (cm) 450
Weight (gm) 9
Sensor Cover Dia. (mm) 16
PCB Size ( L x W ) mm 45 x 20
Shipment Weight 0.014 kg
Shipment Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 cm

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